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Commiunity Services District 

Samoa Peninsula Fire Protection District






Release Date:                      Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Qualification Deadline:     Friday, March 24, 2017


Contact Person:                 Troy Nicolini, President Board of Directors 

Samoa Peninsula Fire Protection District




Questions:                           Please contact Troy Nicolini at email above




  1. The Samoa Peninsula Fire Protection District (SPFPD) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications for a variety of On-Call Consulting Services and will receive Qualifications via e-mail to Troy Nicolini at  until Friday, March 24, 2017.  


  1. The services to be performed by the successful proposer are described in this Request for Qualifications.


  1. All responsive Statements of Qualifications shall be reviewed and evaluated by the SPFPD to determine which Proposer best meets the SPFPD’s needs. The criteria by which the SPFPD shall evaluate Statements of Qualifications are set forth in this Request for Qualifications. 


  1. The SPFPD reserves the right to reject any and all Statements of Qualifications or waive any irregularities in the responses or the review process.


  1. The SPFPD is not responsible for any costs incurred in the preparation of Statements of Qualifications and/or any work rendered by a firm prior to the contract award.




The SPFPD provides fire protection and medical aid services for the Samoa Peninsula, from the HWY 155 bridge south.  The SPFPD is in the process of reorganizing into a community services district that would provide the following services:


Domestic and industrial water

Wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal

Fire suppression water storage

Firefighting facilities, equipment, and personnel

Emergency medical services

Road maintenance

Storm drainage

Parks, recreation, trails, and open space



The SPFPD is soliciting Statements of Qualifications for on-call professional services, including, but not limited to, civil engineering, project management, environmental permitting/compliance, water system engineering, grant funding development, and other related fields. The SPFPD is looking for consulting firms that have a comprehensive team of professionals who can provide a broad range of quality consulting services.


List of Potential Services:

  1. Preparation of plans for Public Works projects including, but not limited to water intake, treatment, storage and distribution.

  2. Development of grant applications for various projects

  3. Construction management and inspection of SPFPD projects

  4. General Engineering Assistance for municipal infrastructure design, development review, electrical and mechanical engineering services

  5. Environmental Services:

    • CEQA and NEPA compliance documents

    • Environmental permitting documents

    • Wetland and biological surveying and documentation

    • Cultural resources research and documentation

    • Assistance to the SPFPD in its responsibilities as CEQA Lead or Responsible Agency, by reviewing and recommending CEQA documents prepared by a consultant for private development, or by the On-Call Consulting Firm for SPFPD projects


Contents of Qualification:

Qualifications shall include the following information presented in a clear and concise

format in order to demonstrate the Proposer’s related experience, competence and

professional Qualifications for the satisfactory performance of the services outlined in

the list of Potential Services section of this Request for Qualifications.


  1. Cover Letter: A cover letter (2 pages maximum) outlining consultant’s interest in the PROJECT. Cover letter may include other information. 


  1. Firm Experience :

    1. Firm Profile: Overview of consulting firm(s) and description of services offered. Firms will be expected to have experience in projects similar to some or all of the tasks listed in the Overview section above. Inexperience in certain task areas may not preclude a firm from being selected.

    2. Project Descriptions: Three descriptions of recent projects for which the Project Team has performed services of similar scope to the type of work described above. 

    3. Team Member Biographies: Brief professional biographies of the principals and employees (PROJECT team) which the proposer will assign to SPFPD. Biographies shall include: a summary of the Qualifications, licenses, and experience of each individual.

    4. Organizational Chart: Describe visually the technical and management structure of the principals and employees.



  1. Other Requirements :

    1. A statement which discloses any past, ongoing, or potential conflicts of interest which the Proposer may have as a result of performing the work on this PROJECT. 

    2. A statement confirming that consulting firm is operating under a current business license appropriate to the SPFPD area.

    3. A statement confirming that consulting firm, if selected, can issue certificates of insurance.

    4. The Qualification must be signed by an authorized representative of the Proposer. 


The SPFPD is not responsible for any costs incurred in the preparation of Qualifications and/or any work rendered by a firm prior to the contract award.



The SPFPD is using the competitive Qualification Based Selection process, wherein the experience and approach of each submitted Statement of Qualification is evaluated as it relates to the services required and other elements outlined in this RFQ. All Statements of Qualifications will be reviewed and rated by a selection panel according to criteria discussed above and as summarized below:


1. Cover letter outlining consultant’s interest in PROJECT.

10 points

2. Overall experience of firm in conducting activities similar to

those in the Scope of Services.

50 points

3. Consultant’s overall understanding of the PROJECT and

quality of the approach presented in the Scope of Services.

35 points

4. Other requirements.

5 points


100 Points


Delivery of Statement of Qualifications:

It is the Proposer’s responsibility to ensure that the Statement Of Qualifications  is received by SPFPD prior to the date for submittal of the Statement of Qualifications specified in this Request for Qualifications. All Statements of Qualifications, whether selected or rejected, shall become the property of the SPFPD.


Please provide submittals in PDF format.

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