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The Samoa Peninsula Fire District is an all-volunteer organization. Due to the size and budget of our district we find ourselves sometimes only able to provide funds for essential operation items that keep our district up and running as a working fire station. Our department is very dependent on donations and fundraisers as a source of income. Pictured above are some of the many items that the district utilizes donation money for, such as new equipment, engine replacement/ refurbishments, classes to improve our education, and updating of our station. Every dollar helps our district be able to provide these items to improve our safety and our community's safety.  If you would like to help our district out by donating to us, then you can either click the PayPal donation button below or mail your donation to our address below. We appreciate anything we receive and will be posting our upcoming fundraisers so that everyone has a chance to participate. Thank you for your increasing support in our fire district!

Mailing address:                                                                

Samoa Peninsula Fire District

Att: Volunteer Association 

1982 Gass Street

Samoa, CA 95564

PayPal Button:                              

If donating with checks:

Makes payable to Samoa Peninsula Volunteers

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