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Community Volunteer Program


Volunteering is a great way for an individual to give back to their community and serve their fellow man. Making the decision to volunteer with the Samoa Peninsula Fire District, requires not only participation, but also a change in lifestyle. Volunteers may be called upon at any time to respond to an emergency and help their neighbors in a time of need. The SPFD has a variety of volunteers from all walks of life--these men and women make sacrifices everyday to keep their community and the people of the Samoa Peninsula safe.


Currently, the SPFD is made up of 20 personnel consisting of a Chief, 7 Resident Firefighters and the remainder being Community Volunteers. As mentioned previously, applications are always being accepted. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out an application and don't hesitate to contact us with questions.


Applications can be found below in digital PDF format or picked up in person at the Fairhaven Fire Station. Feel free to contact us by calling the Fairhaven Fire Station at the phone number listed below.


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