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Resident Firefighter Program

The Samoa Peninsula Fire District is seeking motivated individuals pursuing a career in the Fire/EMS world to live at our fire station.


The Resident Program is designed for motivated individuals that want to pursue a career in the Fire/EMS service. The program gives the resident the training and experience needed to pursue their career goals while also providing 24hr service to its community. The Samoa Peninsula Fire District resident program is one of the oldest and longest-lasting resident programs in Northern California. Samoa Peninsula Fire Districts resident program was founded in the late ’90s. A resident firefighter will perform the same duties as if they were a career firefighter. Samoa Peninsula fire district is an all-hazard fire department. Fellow residents after completing the program have achieved a career with Cal Fire, LA County FD, San Francisco FD, Contra Costa County FD, Riverside County FD, Humboldt Bay FD, the US Forest Service, and City Ambulance Of Eureka.


Applications are continuously being accepted and interviews for Resident Firefighter positions occur when an opening in the station exists. To obtain an application, click on the link. If you have any further questions contact us using the phone number or email listed below. Also, take a look at our recruitment PowerPoint for more information. 


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